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check out our thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas + giveaway!
check out our thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas + giveaway!
Home Decor Design Inspired by Nature - Perennially In Style.  And a Giveaway!

Home Decor Design Inspired by Nature - Perennially In Style. And a Giveaway!

Congrats to Madeline Q.S. - our August giveaway winner! 

We love the "outside:in" design aesthetic so much, we're doing another giveaway! One lucky winner will receive their choice of one piece from each of our sourced-from-nature collections, as well as a $100 gift card to our favorite plant shop, Grow Plant Shop, which ships all over the U.S.  Read on and enter to win at the bottom of the blog. 

Why settle for manmade synthetics when you can go au natural?

When it comes to interior design, inspiration from nature is nothing new.  But bringing a touch of nature into your living space never goes out of style.  Whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, natural elements will not only make your home look stunning, but they will also have a positive impact on your mood. So, let's dive into the world of nature-inspired interior design and discover how it can transform your space and make you smile.

Bringing the outdoors in: A breath of fresh air

Imagine stepping into your living room and being greeted by lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and the soothing sound of a trickling waterfall. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, with nature-inspired interior design, you can create a mini oasis right in your own home. Whether it's a vertical garden, potted plants, or a nature-themed wallpaper, incorporating elements of nature can instantly freshen up your space and give it a calming ambiance.

Colors that mimic the wonders of nature

Colors have a powerful effect on our emotions, and what better way to evoke a sense of tranquility than by using nature-inspired hues? From earthy tones like moss green and sandy beige to ocean blues and sunny yellows, these colors can bring a sense of harmony and balance to any room. So, go ahead and paint your walls, choose furniture, and accessorize with colors that mimic the wonders of nature.

Textures that make you want to touch everything

One of the joys of nature is the variety of textures it offers. From the smoothness of pebbles to the roughness of tree bark, incorporating natural textures into your interior design can add depth and visual interest to your space. Think cozy wool rugs, rustic wooden furniture, soft linen curtains, woven rattan. These textures not only make your space more inviting but also create a tactile experience that can instantly lift your mood.

Let there be light: Nature's greatest gift

Lighting plays a crucial role in interior design, and natural light is the holy grail. So, throw open those curtains, embrace the sunshine, and let it flood your space. Natural light not only makes your home feel more spacious but also has a positive effect on your well-being. It can boost your mood, increase productivity, and even improve your sleep. So, make the most of nature's greatest gift and let the light shine in.

Embrace the elements: Earth, wind, fire, and water

To truly bring nature into your space, consider incorporating the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. A crackling fireplace can create a cozy atmosphere, a tabletop fountain can add a soothing sound, and a gentle breeze from an open window can bring a breath of fresh air. Wooden pieces like palmwood ground any space with their earthiness.  By embracing these elements, you can create a harmonious and balanced environment that will make you feel connected to nature.


Final thoughts: Nature's gift to your home and soul

So, there you have it. By infusing your space with elements inspired by nature, you can transform your home into a sanctuary that not only looks beautiful but also uplifts your spirits. From the calming presence of plants to the soothing colors and textures, nature has a way of making us feel grounded and at peace. So, why not let nature work its magic and create a space that brings you joy every time you walk through the door?

All of our collections here at Solange & Frances are sourced from nature: CAPIZ SHELL, RATTAN, PALM WOOD, TEAK, and coming soon....MACRAME.  We hope you love them as much as we do.

In the comments let us know - what are your favorite ways to bring the outside into your home?

Giveaway Details: Enter through the entry form that is embedded on this page and appears just below this paragraph, if you don't see it, be sure to visit the page from your desktop or an alternate browser such as Google Chrome. It may not appear on all mobile devices. The complete rules and entry details appear on the entry form. The only required entry method is to comment on this blog and then confirm that you did so in the contest widget.  Once you do, additional entry methods will appear like subscribing to our newsletter (5 points), following us on Facebook, etc.  One person will receive the prize. You can enter once, or gain multiple entries by completing the other entry methods and increase your chances of winning.  Every friend you refer via the viral sharing method in the widget is another entry.  Please review all Terms and Conditions on contest widget before entering. While we wish we could run this contest everywhere, for legal reasons it is only open to eligible residents of the U.S. and Canada, not including Rhode Island. This contest is exclusively endorsed by Solange & Frances and runs through August 31, 2023.  We’ll announce the lucky winner here as well as on social media on September 1.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Cassandra D - August 31, 2023

I would make a small waterfall home decor piece with small pebbles.
I would create a gloss finish for the log table

Cheryll Powning - August 31, 2023

I have a rustic home filled with reclaimed wood, pinecones, cat talis, & outdoor foliage native to our area.

Desiree k - August 31, 2023

My best tip for bringing the outside inside is to use raw woods, stone, and living plants as decor!

Sheena - August 30, 2023

I have plants and use natural-looking elements for home decor like trees, mushrooms, stones, and more.

Paula S. - August 30, 2023

Plants and fresh flowers, shells and pinecones!

Amber Lee Kolb - August 30, 2023

I grow sunflowers in my garden and they are my favorite flower. I love cutting a few to bring in and brighten up our dining room table. They bring me joy.

Lore - August 30, 2023

I love designing with nature in mind! Using a lot of green on the walls and furniture and also displaying found items like shells, bottles of river sand, and large rocks and crystals on wood shelves. Avoiding sharp square corners wherever possible and choosing more fluid forms as well as using natural textures like wood and jute over man made textures like glass or metal is also key with my aesthetic.

Devon Pickford - August 30, 2023

We like plants and fresh flowers

Patience - August 30, 2023

I love nature and I’ve taught my 3 daughters to love and respect nature as well. Some of the ways I bring nature into my home is by having natural elements all around us in items we use every day. Also plants. I have lots and lots of plants!

Maggie Smith - August 30, 2023

Plants are definitely the one way that I decorate by being able to bring the outside in. I have such a large place in my heart for all of my plants. They’re like extensions of myself. I love each one of them for different reasons.

Ella - August 29, 2023

Favorite ways to bring nature inside:
1. open the windows and breath
2. plants…so so many
3. i love sun catchers to bring light shimmers to the walls
4. waterfall noise makers running through the night
5. eucalyptus in the shower to open the airways

Jennifer Galindo - August 29, 2023

I love having nature inside the home as well as the outside. I love having elemental decor as well. It just helps me stay zen in the chaos of being a mom of 4!

Lorraine M - August 29, 2023

My favorite ways to bring the outside into my home:
Representative art
Aroma from plants grown outdoors (indoor plants are not as aromatic) – clippings.
OPEN windows – letting the air flow
Representative floral prints in curtains, dishes, and even towels.

thank you for this opportunity. :0

Kristen F - August 29, 2023

I’m not good with plants. Trying to take care of my freinds pepper plant so I bring it inside, it’s too hot! I think some tips to bring the outside in would be to do some resin projects. My boyfriend brings me flowers all the time and I want to start encasing them in resin. Also have some shells I want to do a resin project with.

Anne Holub - August 28, 2023

Plants are so great for bringing the outside in but also having something you can watch grow and transform in front of your eyes. Plants can tell us whole stories without words. Isn’t that amazing? We learn to read their body language and they don’t have “bodies.” They’re a wonder. And we get to keep them around and take care of them.

Kaitlyn Targgart - August 28, 2023

I bring in house plants if I can!

Connie Sullivan - August 28, 2023

I have lots of house plants but my favorite are my African violets. So pretty when they bloom and they remind me of my grandmother. I also like to have cut flowers from our garden…when I can!!

Bobbye P. - August 28, 2023

Not much grows outside in West Texas so having plants inside sure makes the home feel earthy. I also tend to like natural woods in my decor and kitchen items. I try to use earthy textiles like bamboo for my sheets and towels too!

Lena Chin - August 28, 2023

I have indoor plants to bring nature in and purify the air.

Erin Madigan - August 28, 2023

I have indoor plants that help bring in nature.

Marci - August 28, 2023

I bring in houseplants

P Rogers - August 28, 2023

Love the aesthetic & vibe. I need more plants here & that sea glass wind chime!

Tammy Evans - August 27, 2023

I bring the outside in with plants, shells, beach glass, driftwood, fresh fruit and natural materials.

Dawn Snow - August 27, 2023

Bring in houseplants, flowers, fish tank, and small trees.

HilLesha O'Nan - August 27, 2023

One of the best tips for bringing the outside in for home decor is to incorporate natural elements into your living space. For example, incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, or rattan into your decor. You can use wooden furniture, countertops, or flooring to bring in an earthy feel. Incorporate stone accents in the form of sculptures or decorative elements. Rattan furniture or baskets can add a bohemian touch.

Courtney Haas - August 26, 2023

I keep a lot of different houseplants.

Kristen McFarland - August 25, 2023

I love plants and rocks. Incorporating in those in my decor is my favorite way to bring the outside in.

Haley - August 25, 2023

I love having house plants and bringing in seasonal natural decor to help bring nature into the house.

Alexandria D. - August 25, 2023

Adding rocks and sticks my little ones find is a fun way to incorporate nature throughout our home.

Alicia H - August 25, 2023

I love to have green plants in my space and i recently started using a hydroponic garden in my kitchen. Love growing!

Shudder - August 23, 2023

I bring the outside in with tons of plants of course, plus lots of natural materials! Wood, clay and stone all make for the best items.

Sue Barney - August 23, 2023

I bring in the outside with natural rocks, crystals and sea glass.

Anne Marie Carter - August 22, 2023

I bring flowers and seed pods from my garden to decorate with inside my house.

Tara - August 22, 2023

Goal is to have an indoor plant paradise surrounded by capiz and rattan!

Olivia Smith - August 22, 2023

I sometimes go for texture over color in my home decor style. I love all things woven and ceramic! And I have houseplants galore. They add so much life into a space and I find them to be a great contrast to the textures in my home.

Crystal Abel - August 22, 2023

Indoor plants and bringing pretty rocks, shells, driftwood, etc. from nature indoors on display.

Ma Sofia Sosa - August 22, 2023

I love having plants and collecting/decorating with rocks and crystals :)) My current decor obsession is moss in little terrariums!

Lori H - August 21, 2023

I love my plants and can’t wait to replace the ones I lost due to a move.

Marie - August 21, 2023

Bringing plants inside and putting beach glass in my plant pots

Vickie - August 21, 2023

I utilize many ways to bring outside in.
My home decor is green tones with big picture windows, porches and decks to the outside.
Gathering foliage and tropical plants and flowers from our garden.

Julie - August 21, 2023

I grow fresh herbs 🪴 inside. This allows me to enjoy both the plants as well as fresh herbs to cook with.

DIANE R Mungall - August 21, 2023

I try to have dried flowers and greenery in my house to bring the outside in.

Saundra Bowers - August 20, 2023

I enjoy crafting from outside items. Painted rocks, plants hanging from driftwood.

LeAnn - August 20, 2023

I love to have lots of fresh flowers.

Marilyn Wall - August 20, 2023

This would be awesome love plants

Kait - August 20, 2023

We love plants!!!

Lisa C - August 20, 2023

Plants, plants, plants!!!

Tiffany - August 18, 2023

Plants everywhere!! And also love nature in art and making art with nature, one example is with shells from the beach.

Deb Ford - August 18, 2023

I take cuttings of everything to bring inside – flowers of course, but also foliage to start new plants.

Amber Torres - August 17, 2023

This is awesome! I like bringing plants indoors, and I have lots of crystals as decir, too.

Alexis M - August 17, 2023

Love foraging and finding beautiful pieces of nature (leaves, rocks, pine cones) that I can bring inside and decorate with! Your collection inspires me with natures inspo! ♥️

ANGELA Jannetta PRINGLE - August 17, 2023

such good stuff,products i can use!!!!!

Michael Evans - August 17, 2023

In a world filled with forever chemicals, teak utensels is another safeguard to out health. Good catch!

Naomi - August 17, 2023

Keeping the windows open and bringing plants indoors!

Helen C. - August 17, 2023

I love having plants in my home! My daughters collect pretty rocks and washed up seaglass when we go to beaches/shore lines . I keep the favorites in a clear jar (from an old reused candle) on display.

Kayla Doan - August 16, 2023

Lots of plants.

Tinabee87 - August 16, 2023

I love the smell of fresh cut grass so sometimes I take some and put it in a glass inside of our dining room and it makes it smell fresh and like I’m outside for a few hours!

Kobi Carpenter - August 16, 2023

Plants! I believe that there should be something live in every room, a plant, pet, etc., that’s what makes it cozy and comfy.

Claudia Hicks - August 16, 2023

I have recently added air plants to my inside garden. I love the easy care of them. I always have lots of seedlings (started for my outside garden) inside under grow lights in the early spring. And I have ginger growing in a big pot.

Lisa Murray - August 16, 2023

I have plants all over also on our bar I have a jar with shells and bird feathers also a large wooden bowl with rocks fossils bear claws etc and driftwood around the bowl Our bedroom is filled with Native American sand paintings as well as moose & wolf pictures

Brigitte Bauman - August 16, 2023

I purchase fresh cut flowers from my local florist each week and place them in a vase.

Sarie Angelie - August 15, 2023

This is the inspo I needed to redecorate my place. Thank you 💜

Dylan - August 15, 2023


Adina - August 15, 2023

I love decorating with plants – I find greenery refreshing & adds warmth to my space.

Alexandria D. - August 15, 2023

I love keeping seedlings & starter plants for my garden on full display.

Kathleen - August 14, 2023

Plants inside work great.

Mary Dailey - August 14, 2023

I love growing houseplants to help with air quality and I enjoy their beauty. If I bring in plants I had outdoors, I make sure they have no bugs on them, but I just use water to clean off any bugs. I make sure they have plenty of indirect lighting and I also clip some of them to root more plants! Sometimes I gift them!

Mai - August 14, 2023

I love bringing a cool and colorful plant indoors.

Rebecca - August 14, 2023

Love plants, but also rocks, shells and driftwood as ways to bring nature inside.

Madeline - August 14, 2023

I love bringing plants into my house. It just makes it feel more homey!!

Brittney - August 14, 2023

I love the aesthetic, quality, feel and beauty of these products! They especially make wonderful gifts.

Alexa - August 13, 2023

Every product through this company feels warm, intentional and inviting. What a happy way to decorate a home.

Marlea Lineberry - August 13, 2023

I love bringing the outside into my home by having lots of plants and cute pots to put them in. They put a smile on my face every time I see them. 🪴

Virginia M. - August 13, 2023

I love to collect fallen pine cones, unbloomed magnolia flower buds, withered roses and other flowers (Chinese Lanterns are always a favorite), and display them in a beautiful decorative bowl.

Steven - August 13, 2023

As everyone is rightfully mentioning, houseplants definitely allow a feeling of the outdoors thriving inside and connecting our living spaces with nature. Opening windows and blinds and letting as much light in whenever possible also does wonders for mood and taking in the surroundings. Make the most of your views!

Alexis Cuffy - August 13, 2023

Plants are a great way to bring outdoors in! The plants I have in my home bring a perfect balance!

Vicky - August 13, 2023

Indoor plants, climbing vines on the exterior that overlap the windows, and using natural materials with furniture and decorative objects.

Janet Tacker - August 13, 2023

I have at least 100 plants all in my living room. I’ve had people knock on my door wanting to know if I sell plants. Nope!

Gaye McGill - August 12, 2023

Lots of plants indoors (and outside as well). We love days when the windows can be left open and drapes/blinds are opened daily to let in the sunshine.

Christy - August 12, 2023

I love bringing the color green to my space as well as plants and flowers (dried and fresh). The more windows the better! I leave them open as often as possible to hear the sounds of nature and feel the breeze.

Jenn - August 12, 2023

I have over 100 houseplants, spread between every room in my house. It brings me so much joy to bring nature indoors and nurture them. 🌿

Michelle Ierardi - August 12, 2023

Plants inside, going with natural utensils and having the 4 elements inside are not only beautiful to look at, but it shifts and helps clear out the chaos and old energy for a better grounding and rejuvenation. It’s hard to always be out in nature, so having it our homes brings it to us closer to it in our busy daily lives.

Jenni Epperly - August 12, 2023

I love to bring the outside into my home by having lots of plants

Kristen J - August 11, 2023

Love the idea of brining “earth” in to the home! Wood serving platters, plants, etc!

Min K - August 11, 2023

large windows without curtains

Michelle N - August 11, 2023

Bringing plants into your home!

Sean Robert - August 11, 2023

bring in plants and paint in light colors the walls

Anita - August 11, 2023

I bring the outside in with plants all over my home.

Lisa Davis - August 11, 2023


Nickie - August 11, 2023

Lots of light and plants

Robert f - August 11, 2023

open the curtains

Michelle Domangue - August 11, 2023

I do dried flowers and I open my windows and bring in fresh flowers

Jennifer Essad - August 11, 2023

I open our blinds every morning to bring the outside in!

Yuberly - August 11, 2023

I absolutely adore the deco. I want my home to have a more green/modern vibe.

Brenda - August 11, 2023

My favorite way to bring the outside in is literally letting it in.. fresh, crisp morning air y’all! Lots of sunshine, peaceful sounds and last but not least, plants! 😍

Chelsea - August 11, 2023


Shayna Brookman - August 11, 2023

I like to bring the outdoors inside with fresh flowers, driftwood, sea shells, sand, and glass, as well as hanging trailing plants.

Jesse - August 11, 2023

Decorate with branches, shells, beautiful leaves and use natural lighting.

Nancy Fiorenza - August 11, 2023

Nothing beats a home with plants

Rachel - August 11, 2023

Plants and lots of light!

Danielle Gonzales - August 11, 2023

I love embracing nature and earth tones! Thank you for these tips!

RDHCOUNTRY - August 11, 2023

Colors with the seasons.

Diane Warstler - August 11, 2023

I love bringing fresh flowers from my garden indoors. I have little vases filled with the flowers brilliant colors and fragrances sitting in almost every room.

Emes - August 11, 2023

I love having plants around! And open curtains all day!

Nicole Bowers - August 11, 2023

I bring the outside in by using Aromatherapy ( I Iove the smell of pine); surrounding myself with tons of colorful, healthy houseplants; and I love listening to Naturescapes (tropical thunderstorms sounds, etc.)

Sandra Stephenson - August 11, 2023

I love to use natural material for decor in my home and have beautiful plants everywhere inside and outside

A. L. - August 10, 2023

Plants, fresh flowers, and light, earthy tones 🫶🏽

Judy Lies - August 10, 2023

Doors open and lots of houseplants!

Michele Oliver - August 10, 2023

I love to have my windows open to get fresh air and I love to have plants inside my house.

Tami Vollenweider - August 10, 2023

I like to bring in a few houseplants. Especially the ones that don’t need a lot of sunlight!!

Deborah Stinson - August 10, 2023

I bring the outside in with plants and pictures of nature-trees, mountains, birds, waterfalls.

Laine - August 10, 2023

I love to play forest or river sounds first thing in the morning while I meditate surrounded by my houseplants! That’s how I bring the outside in. 🧚🏼✨🌲

Lynn - August 10, 2023

Having a large collection of houseplants is how I bring the outside indoors.

Jamie Leanne Grimes - August 10, 2023

I love plants

Jessie Morrow - August 10, 2023

Your selection of products is beautiful and so tasteful!

JeannieD - August 10, 2023

My windowsills are full – so many beauties in all different stages of growth.
I love it.

Paula - August 10, 2023

I enjoy having indoor plants as focal points in our main living areas, as well as lots of plants right outside our windows and patio doors, so we can enjoy the outside also.

Penni - August 10, 2023

I bring the outdoors in by filling my home with my plants and other beautiful objects made with natural materials, like wood and rattan.

Penni - August 10, 2023

I bring the outdoors in by filling my home with my plants and other beautiful objects made with natural materials, like wood and rattan.

Carolyn Navarro - August 10, 2023

Indoors plants bring outside in!

susan atkins - August 10, 2023

The best way for me to bring the outside into my home is definately with lots of different plants. I like to make sure at least half of the plants are flowering plants, I love deep colors.

Kathleen - August 10, 2023

to bring, easy to care for, outside greenery, indoors. It gives fresh air to the indoors while creating a sense of being outside

Dan Meyer - August 10, 2023

On my next hike I’m gonna see how much moss I can gather to create some wall art. Maybe I can create a rustic frame from some sticks I find

Leslie Price - August 10, 2023

I love to bring nature into my home via plants, natural materials, and open windows.

wen budro - August 10, 2023

I have a lot of plants. It brings nature into my apartment.

Susan Sonenthal - August 10, 2023

I follow feng shui philosophy’s about how energy works on landscape and dwellings

Lauren Senter - August 10, 2023

Everything looks so pretty, especially the plants!!

Rob - August 10, 2023

Nothing better than house plants to bring the nature in. You almost can’t overdo it.

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