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check out our newest blog + a giveaway!
check out our newest blog + a giveaway!
The Top 7 Reasons to Choose Teak Wood for Your Shower Bench + A Giveaway

The Top 7 Reasons to Choose Teak Wood for Your Shower Bench + A Giveaway

Are you thinking about getting a new shower bench? Teak wood is an excellent choice! Let's explore the top 7 reasons teak wood makes the best shower benches. Read to the end to enter this month's giveaway!

  1. Teak is super water-resistant

Teak wood has an extraordinary power - it can fight off water! This wood naturally makes its own oils that keep water from soaking in[1]. This means your teak shower bench won't get all soggy or start to rot, even when it's always wet. You can splash and splash, but your teak bench will stay strong!

  1. Teak lasts a long time

When you buy a teak shower bench, you're getting something that will last for years and years. Teak wood is super tough and can handle being in wet places without breaking down[2]. It won't crack or get soft like other woods might. This means you won't have to buy a new bench anytime soon!

  1. Teak looks beautiful

Teak wood has a warm, golden-brown color that looks great in any bathroom. Its pretty grain pattern makes each bench unique. As time passes, teak can change to a nice silver-gray color if you let it. This natural aging process, known as patina, is a unique feature of teak wood and is often considered part of its charm. Or, you can use a special oil to keep its golden color. Either way, your shower will look fancy!

  1. Teak is easy to clean

Keeping your shower bench clean shouldn't be a chore. With teak, it's a breeze![4]These benches are designed for your convenience, requiring only a quick wipe with a damp cloth now and then. The natural oils in the wood prevent dirt and grime from sticking, saving you time and effort. So, relax and enjoy your shower, knowing that your teak bench is taking care of itself!

  1. Teak fights off bugs and mold

Bugs and mold love damp places like bathrooms, but they don't like teak! The special oils in teak wood keep bugs and mold away[5]. This means your shower bench won't get gross or start to smell bad—it's like the wood has its own bug spray built right in!

  1. Teak is comfy and safe

Sitting on a teak shower bench like our Lurus Teak Wood Bench feels nice and comfy. The wood's natural temperature regulation means it doesn't get too hot or cold, so sitting on it is always pleasant. Teak also has a slightly rough surface that helps keep you from slipping[4], making it a safe choice, especially if you need extra showering support.


  1. Teak is eco-friendly

Choosing a teak shower bench isn't just a smart choice for your home, it's a responsible choice for the planet. Many teak benches are crafted from wood sourced from sustainable farms[2], where new trees are planted to replace the ones cut down. By opting for a teak bench, you're contributing to the preservation of our environment, a decision you can feel proud of.


Now, let's answer some questions you might have about teak shower benches:

How do I take care of my teak shower bench?

Taking care of a teak shower bench is easy! Here are some simple steps:

- Rinse it with clean water after each use

- Wipe it down with a soft cloth every week

- Use a mild soap if it gets filthy

- Let it dry completely between uses

- Apply teak oil once or twice a year if you want to keep its golden color[6]

Can I use my teak bench outside the shower?

Yes! Teak is great for outdoor use, too. You can use your bench on a patio or by a pool. Just remember that direct sunlight might change its color over time.

How long will my teak shower bench last?

If you take good care of it, a teak shower bench can last many years. Some people have had their teak furniture for over 20 years!

Is teak wood expensive?

Teak can cost more than some other woods. But remember, it lasts a very long time. So, while you might pay more initially, you won't need to replace it as often as cheaper benches.

Teak wood is an excellent choice for shower benches. It's water-resistant, long-lasting, beautiful, easy to clean, bug and mold-resistant, comfy, safe, and eco-friendly. With all these great qualities, it's easy to see why many people love teak shower benches. Why not give one a try? Your shower time may become your favorite part of the day!

 Giveaway Time!

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Amber Lee Kolb - July 19, 2024

I love your Turkish Cotton Hand & Dish Towels!! Beautiful!

tony corrado - July 18, 2024

the teak is awesome

Brittany Gilley - July 18, 2024

a corner shelf unit

Emily - July 17, 2024

Teak wood seems easy to take care of.

RD - July 17, 2024


Kammi - July 16, 2024

I’d use shower bench for living room. lol. Instead of in the shower.

Karen Webster Hunt - July 16, 2024

A shower caddy.

Mariaelena - July 15, 2024

I would love a bathtub tray made out of teak! That would be functional and look so good sitting across my tub!

Antoinette M - July 15, 2024

I’d love a bath caddy.

Dejanera P - July 15, 2024

I would love a floor mat and a bath caddy! And for my bubble baths, one of those amazing shelves where I can lie in the tub enjoy some aromatherapy and read a good book with a glass of wine.

Vikki Billings - July 14, 2024

A towel shelf or a bath caddy

LisaM - July 14, 2024

Ohhh what I’d really want is a stool for the shower but maybe also a rack!

Sandra McFadden - July 12, 2024

Medicine cabinet and or shelves.

Michelle G - July 12, 2024

Shower bar and various types of caddies

Stacy - July 12, 2024

I would love the teak shower bench

laurie nykaza - July 12, 2024
Medicine Cabinet
Sam - July 10, 2024

A shower caddy, towel rack, or maybe a sauna

Teresa Organ - July 10, 2024

Vanity or Medicine Cabinet

Maritess S - July 10, 2024

anti-slip floor mats and soap caddy

Cheryll Powning - July 10, 2024

Would love a teak wood bath mat & shower caddy. Also, a teak wood bathroom stool would be great! So many possibilities!

Janet K - July 9, 2024

Towel Racks

Tammy Sterling - July 9, 2024

I would love to win

Judith Hoffmans - July 8, 2024

I would love to have everything in teak in combination with my amazing white bathroom!

Charles Holland - July 8, 2024

I like everything!!

Julie Bickham - July 8, 2024

non slip for the shower!

Rhonda Struthers - July 8, 2024

A teak framed mirror would be beautiful in a bathroom.

Sandy C. - July 8, 2024

A stacked shelving unit for towels, etc. would be just lovely.

JeannieD - July 7, 2024

Towel racks would be my choice.

Denise Revoy - July 7, 2024

A tissue box cover

LORI N - July 7, 2024

soap dishes come to mind. but so many options from shower caddy to bath tray (to hold your book and your glass!)

Sierra - July 7, 2024

I would love to see a towel rack made from teak or a counter set (soap holder, toothbrush holder, rinse cup).

sandra burns - July 7, 2024

Shower wall.

Kari B - July 7, 2024

I would love a bath caddy in teak.

Ashley S - July 6, 2024

I’d like to have a little towel hanger to hang on the wall to split up shower towels and pool towels.

LeAnn - July 6, 2024

Shower caddy

Cynthia Smith - July 6, 2024

A soap holder and a bath mat

mi - July 6, 2024

Soap holder

Lynn - July 6, 2024

A towel rack would be a great addition.

Theresa C. - July 6, 2024

Love to have a gorgeous teak bath caddy to put my book and drink on!

J - July 6, 2024

Slip mats!

Lisa P. - July 6, 2024

I’d like to see a bath mat or a towel rack made from teak. Also, A sort of hall tree that one could hang their bathrobe and towels on, but made to fit in the bathroom or bedroom would be great.

Mel Borhi - July 6, 2024

Soap dish

Corry - July 6, 2024

Soap dishes

Candace Bond - July 6, 2024


LB - July 6, 2024

shower caddy

Liza - July 6, 2024

A hanging shower caddy would be fab.

Thomas Gibson - July 6, 2024

A soap dish would be great.

Marlene V. - July 6, 2024

A feature wall in my bathroom in teak would be cool

Thomas P - July 6, 2024

A shelf or handle would be nice – metal stuff always rusts/wears/scales over time.

Cynthia C - July 6, 2024

A shower caddy would be nice.

Georgette Hohl - July 6, 2024

How about a shampoo/conditioner/soap caddy! Practical and elevated style too!

Sara Alvaro - July 6, 2024

Bath shelves

Rebecca Bishop - July 6, 2024

I’d love a shower brush and shelves for the bathroom made from teak.

Brenda Williamson - July 6, 2024

I would love a step out mat, boxes , caddies and shelves.

Anita - July 5, 2024

Bath mat

RICHARD SKUSE - July 5, 2024

Bath Caddy

Claire - July 5, 2024

A beautiful bath

Dana - July 5, 2024

Bath Caddy

Margaret Smith - July 5, 2024

I’d love the Live Edge Teak Bowl-Oval

Chad Boyd - July 5, 2024

Slip mats made to go in the shower floor would be great!

Lisa Vance - July 5, 2024

I’d love to have a “bath mat”

Nicole Margrif - July 3, 2024

Bathroom towels and rugs

Edward - July 3, 2024

Teak Pinch Bowls Set of 3

Tina - July 3, 2024

So many things to choose from

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