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check out our thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas + giveaway!
check out our thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas + giveaway!
Cheers to Originality - What Sets Us Apart

Cheers to Originality - What Sets Us Apart

Do you love unique, well-crafted home goods?  So do we!  

Are you feeling fatigued by big box stores, chock full of identical products produced factory-style on a conveyor belt?  So are we.

Would you like your home to be a reflection of who you are and not a cookie-cutter copy of your neighbor’s?  Us too.

And it’s why we began importing original pieces from our home away from home, the islands of Indonesia. By designing our own pieces and sourcing their production from master craftsmen in a country we know and love well, we provide our community with quality alternatives to the cheap, plastic products so common these days. 

Solange & Frances pieces are carefully curated and made with authentic craftsmanship, often honed over generations.  We partner with the finest artisans, truly masters of their art, and provide them the opportunity to earn a living wage. With dignity.  

And since we source our pieces directly from the creators, there is no middle man.  The result is that we can offer you beautiful, distinctive pieces at an affordable price.

You can feel connected to the human beings who have fashioned the decor in your living space.  Facilitating that sense of community and connection between customers and creators makes us immensely proud.

So, thank you for shopping small.  Thank you for shopping Solange & Frances!

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Kelle Q - July 27, 2023

I love the suggestions for products that will make good gifts for my family and friends. When you get to a certain age you don’t need anything and you have great suggestions .

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