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3 Reasons to Shop Small This Holiday Season | Solange & Frances

3 Reasons to Shop Small This Holiday Season

Why shop small this holiday season?

The holidays are here, and if you’re like most people, you're busily shopping to get your loved ones something special. With so many large chain stores out there, it can be tempting to shop with them simply for convenience. But this holiday season, why not make a difference by shopping small? Here are three reasons to do just that. 

1) Shopping at big box stores isn’t the best place to find unique gifts for your family members and friends. When you shop small, however, you can often find items that are one-of-a-kind or handmade - items that cannot be found anywhere else! Shopping small gives you an opportunity to give something truly special as a gift this holiday season. We all love cookies at this time of year, but who wants to receive a cookie-cutter gift? ⁣ Instead, choose a more thoughtful, curated gift.  Shopping small means buying distinctive.

2) You're investing in your community.  We at Solange & Frances are a family-owned, small town, U.S.-based business and are therefore part of the backbone of the American  economy! ⁣ Did you know that small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in this country, and they account for more than half of all private sector employment? Even  though you’re shopping online, you’re supporting American small business and putting money back into a local economy, which helps to sustain domestic jobs. By shopping small, more of your hard-earned money stays within a local community instead of going to corporate headquarters far away from where it was earned. Shopping small is an easy way to make a positive contribution! 

3) You're supporting the master craftsmanship of dignified people earning a living wage in conditions they set, rather than the bottom line of faceless shareholders or an unhappy assembly line of factory workers. Cue the joyous holiday feelings!  All of our home decor pieces are handcrafted in Indonesia, a country near and dear to our hearts.  We travel to the islands frequently and have good, permanent relationships with our artisans and suppliers.  Shopping small with Solange & Frances helps to sustain generationally honed craft and lifts up families and communities.  

When you shop small during the holiday season - or any time of year - you’re helping to foster a sense of community and making a real difference in people’s lives. It's not only beneficial for you but also has a ripple effect in other communities, near and far. So this year, instead of heading straight for the nearest big chain store when looking for gifts, remember that shopping small makes all the difference!

Happy Holidays,

Solange & Frances Team


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Missysilke PleasePickMe - June 1, 2023

Would love to win this,had first round of chemo treatment, then had a complete hysterectomy today due to ovarian cancer, after I heal second round of chemo for preventative, going to try to enjoy what summer I can. What a fantastic giveaway!

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