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check out our newest blog + a giveaway!
Transform Your Backyard with These 5 Chic Patio Design Ideas on a Budget - Share your Design Tips to Enter our Giveaway! | Solange & Frances

Transform Your Backyard: 5 Chic Patio Design Ideas on a Budget

Are you looking to transform your backyard into a chic outdoor space without breaking the bank? With some creativity and budget-friendly ideas, you can create a beautiful patio that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Here are five chic patio design ideas to help you create a stunning outdoor space on a budget.

1. Add a Rainbow Wind Chime

A wind chime is a simple and affordable way to add charm and personality to your patio. The Rainbow Wind Chime from Solange & Frances is a beautiful and colorful option that adds a whimsy touch to your outdoor space. Made from Capiz shells, this wind chime is beautiful and eco-friendly.

2. Create a DIY Paver Patio

A paver patio is an affordable and easy way to create a stylish outdoor space. You can purchase pavers at your local home improvement store and create a unique pattern that fits your style. Add outdoor furniture and a few potted plants for a beautiful and functional patio.

3.  Hang String Lights

String lights are a simple and affordable way to add ambiance to your patio. You can hang them from trees, pergolas, or even your house. They come in various styles and colors, so you can choose the perfect ones to fit your style.

4.  Add Some Colorful Pillows

Outdoor pillows are an easy and affordable way to add color and comfort to your patio furniture. You can find them in various colors and patterns, so you can choose the perfect ones to fit your style.

5. Create a DIY Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent addition to any patio, and you can create one yourself for a fraction of the cost of a pre-made one. You can use bricks or pavers to create a circular or square pit and add gravel or sand to the bottom. Add some chairs, and you will have a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

In conclusion, creating a chic patio on a budget is more accessible than you might think. With some creativity and budget-friendly ideas, you can transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor space where you will love spending time. So, grab some colorful pillows, hang some string lights, and add a Solange & Frances Rainbow Wind Chime to create a beautiful and functional patio!

What are your favorite design tips to spruce up a patio on a budget?  Comment below! 

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kim ach - June 1, 2023

Start slow and build your backyard space over time.

Cassie - May 31, 2023

Keep it simple. Don’t overdo it!

Cassandra D - May 31, 2023

I display the plants on a small fence and I color the rocks.

Yuliya Sullivan - May 30, 2023

Great ideas!

Victoria Schilling - May 30, 2023

This would be great to do at our new house.

hannah monheim - May 30, 2023

I love to add thermacell for bugs and brighf pillows!

Brianna Gonzales - May 30, 2023

I like the big bold color planters i feel like that always draws the eye. Also, for railings the artificial ivy for privacy or just the look is beautiful! I’d love to add that to our deck rails.😍

Amanda Whitley - May 30, 2023

check your local facebook free site for freebies to use or to upcycle. We got a patio table free and just had to get our own chairs to go with it.

Michelle Domangue - May 30, 2023

I add plants everywhere to my patio area!

Marie williams - May 30, 2023

Looks breezy and very stylish, can match any decor

Susan L Craig - May 30, 2023

Pick one paint color and apply it to mismatched hand-me-down or thrift shop outdoor accesories.

Tiff - May 30, 2023

Definitely Ave me some good ideas

Delicia Barber - May 29, 2023

I love the whole yard! The amazing fire pit, the pebbles,the furniture. Everything looks so comfy, cozy and organic. The staycation of my dreams!

Summer - May 29, 2023

All the plants!!

Filerman Lisa - May 29, 2023

Love this color combo ❤️

Stacey - May 29, 2023

I truly love how everything is so well made and it last

Natalie - May 29, 2023

I love to use recycled materials! To house fresh herbs, flowers, shells, rocks. I love the eclectic look of nature collected in one place.

Linda Tice - May 29, 2023

my favorite go to is lots of planters. Pretty and inexpensive and I think plants add an extra layer of good energy to a space.

MEAGAN - May 29, 2023

I love the touch that string lights add at night!

Kat - May 29, 2023

Plants and creative containers are my favorite way to decorate an outdoor space.

Jessie Morrow - May 29, 2023

My favorite way to dress up the patio is with flameless candles and solar lanterns. It is so easy to change the mood with lighting.

Tinabambee - May 28, 2023

I try to reuse and recycle items like glass containers for flower and plant pots or garden decorations.

Martha Reese - May 28, 2023

Hang string lights.

Sara schwab - May 28, 2023

Theses are so beautiful my tip to you is color theme

Karen Ricardo - May 28, 2023

Outdoor rugs are a great way to spruce up a patio.

Jacqueline - May 28, 2023

My yard could really use ALOT OF TLC

Brenda Shreves - May 28, 2023

Would Love to Win this.

Andrew P - May 28, 2023

Keep up on deck maintenance to make your investment last

richard lee - May 28, 2023


Maegan Young - May 28, 2023

Add plenty of Up lighting, planters with beautiful tropical plants, and bright colorful flowers will always make a great impression on outdoor space

Andrea Connolly - May 28, 2023

Lots of plants and flowers for color and for my bees. Attractive and fun enclosures for my goats and luxurious coops and runs for my chickens all while having my own space to relax. My backyard is my oasis in a crazy world!

Deborah Stinson - May 28, 2023

I like color changing lights. They have a calming effect to me. A fire in the firepit does the same.

Crystal Herrell - May 28, 2023

My patio could use some love! Thanks for the chance!

Charles Reeder - May 28, 2023

love swweepstakes

Karen Webster Hunt - May 28, 2023

A little water feature with a waterfall would brighten up your patio and the sound would be so relaxing.

bn100 - May 27, 2023

change pillows

Cynthia Roach - May 27, 2023

A corner in the yard that is serene with a comfortable chair, beautiful angel statue, with a small table & flickering light to reminisce about all my guardian angels surrounding me!

jackie witherspoon - May 27, 2023

I like and need all of the tips, but the pavers would really define the space while adding style.

Beth - May 27, 2023

Use solar lights to lighten the mood!

Kate Sparsave up andbuy quality ks - May 27, 2023

Save up and buy quality products that don’t need replacement every season.

Carol P Hartness - May 27, 2023

I like the wind chimes.I usually go to dollar stores to find things.

Carol P Hartness - May 27, 2023

I like the wind chimes.

Anita Cardona - May 27, 2023

Use solar lights to create a nighttime glow on your patio!

Charisse hebert - May 27, 2023

Use the discount stores to brighten up outdoors. Choose a print, use solid colors to accent and have fun!

Cynthia Demaree - May 27, 2023

Line your walkway with the rocks you painted.

Dawn Snow - May 27, 2023

Plant colorful flowers, paint cute planter boxes, plant mint around the patio for a nice smell and mosquito repellent, and add some cute outdoor throw pillows to the swing.

Tammy Catterton - May 26, 2023

I have to say nice pots colorful plants to outdoor furniture with colorful cushions

Chris - May 26, 2023

Add color with potted plants.

Dominica McCoy - May 26, 2023


Bev Sugden - May 26, 2023

Add potted plants for a pop of color.

Jacqueline Smith - May 26, 2023

Flowers are always good to have on a patio, it helps bring out the setting a bit more. A variety of different colors is always good to insert.

Rachael - May 26, 2023

My top tip is to find a Buy Nothing or free stuff group on FB and check websites like Craigslist. You can find or request a lot of awesome stuff. I even get plants that way. Just organizing and tidying makes things look so nice. Adding lights of some kind gives a space a lot of ambience and a cozy feeling, too. You can find a lot of beautiful or cute strings of lights (or individual ones) cheap online. Making your outdoor space one that is ready for sitting with a cup of tea or having a couple of friends to dinner at any time means making it a place where you feel you want to spend time.

kevin oconnor - May 26, 2023

Need new furniture

Pat Houston - May 26, 2023

Vintage patio pieces add charm and a unique look

Lisa Rumolo - May 26, 2023

Use Planters with flowers.and shrubs to create colour and privaxy

Roseann Everett - May 25, 2023

You need a water feature in your outdoor space! Even just a small tabletop one is great! The sound of the water moving is so nice to relax to! Put some cute rocks around it, with words or sayings on them. Some nice plants around the fountain & you’ve got your summer relaxation space good to go…or should I say ready to hit the relaxation mode ! 🌤️

Tami Vollenweider - May 25, 2023

Make a cactus garden

Gene - May 25, 2023

I’ve been trying to complete a deck and patio cooking pad, with a fire pit, up off the pond…love to have a platform up off the ground and away from the pond…beautiful sunsets and a fan and Wind Block from the north west to protect Southern corner, where I want to enjoy family dinners finally. A place to rinse hand from garden work and table and chairs for 11.
A swing facing the pond and sunset would be beautiful . The thought makes me smile.🙂

Jim bulkowski - May 25, 2023

Beautiful photos

Anna - May 25, 2023

Would love to win backyard decor

andrea P. - May 25, 2023

Propagate your existing succulents to make more plants around the year!

Judith Ann Allen - May 25, 2023

I put a vase of fresh flowers on the patio table.

Dawn B - May 25, 2023

Spruce up any patio with a few pops of color, plants and or lights for an oasis.

edith - May 25, 2023

I would add an outdoor carpet to bring it all together

Kayla Doan - May 25, 2023

String Lights.

Christy Kerby - May 25, 2023

The Furniture you are displaying is very nice I love the string lights and the fire pit

Madeline Lonergan - May 25, 2023

I like the litle string lights on the patio.

Nicole M - May 25, 2023

Add green plants and a small water fountain

Charu Nagarajan - May 25, 2023

I like to add seasonal flowers in pots and also add yard ornaments for a whimsical flair

treasa claridy - May 25, 2023

I love to decorate with the colors yellow or orange to brighten up the space….could be fabric pillows or even flowers……

Tess Chalk - May 25, 2023

We recntly cleaned off our patio and washed all the cushion covers and that helped a lot. I think if we added all the great details you mentioned as well as an outdoor rug would look wonderful!! Thanks for all of your tips and great products.

Marisa Margarites - May 25, 2023

Tropical plants and color theme all purple and pink flowers 🌸 only

lisa - May 24, 2023

Beautiful pots and plans srpuce up a space instantly.

Joan - May 24, 2023

All year round I collect pots and planters on clearance. When spring comes, I am ready with lovely decor for less.

pat youngblood - May 24, 2023

A much beloved table is now on it’s third coat of paint

Andy Freeland - May 24, 2023

Color is the best way to spruce things up! New paint, wall hangings, things like that.

Amber MacKay - May 24, 2023

A fresh coat of paint, a new rug and some greenery does wonders :)

Jenni Phillips - May 24, 2023

I like to recycle items and turn them into great yard decorations, making sparkly windchimes out of cut glass and old tea pots, or bird baths out of large old serving dishes and such.

april vogel - May 24, 2023

outdoor rugs, potted flowers, hanging lanterns

Linda Jackson - May 24, 2023

Power washing is always a good idea. Makes everything look better!

Michelle Smith - May 24, 2023

My favorite place is Dollar Tree. Yard Sales and thrift stores are also great. End of the year garden sales from store for the next year.

sandra burns - May 24, 2023

Yard sales, thrift stores and Dollar Tree, for cute things to incorporate into your patio.

Rochelle Hamby - May 24, 2023

Thanks for all of the tips. I needed tips to help me make my patio look comfy and cute

Donna Kozar - May 24, 2023

Shop for items at yard sales and thrift stores to save money.

Kimberly Benton - May 24, 2023

Solar lights around my garden beds shining on all of my flowers and painted rocks really looks beautiful at night.

susan atkins - May 24, 2023

I have a collection of ceramic pots I have collected from garage sales and Thrift stores . I get the pots that are the most colorful and fill them with small flowers starts from my neighbors yard -that way she can also enjoy the flowers she gave me.

Barbie - May 24, 2023

I love using solar lights around my garden beds…so pretty at night

Sarah Pickering - May 24, 2023

Reusing items found at thrift stores or yard sales. Last year I found matching chairs to a outdoor sofa we had and also spray painted them black to match and then bought some grey cushions to match as well.

Lana - May 24, 2023

I love having a set of hurricanes with candles on the patio. It creates a great vibe and looks even better at night with the candles lit up.

Alyssa Mahtani - May 24, 2023

I love having a portable fire pit out on the patio. It makes everything so cozy and it improves the look sooo much!

Debbie Dubois - May 24, 2023

I plant seeds in my pots less cost and a rug to bring fun colors to my porch space happy spring

Nancy - May 24, 2023

I love to use beautiful planters on the patio along with string lights and comfy seating. It makes it so peaceful!

Jory Bradley - May 24, 2023

Plants and flowers are a must for the backyard table. I also am in love with the rainbow wind-chimes, I need those!

fay zeigler - May 24, 2023

I plant a ;ot of flowers and put lights and paint fish in ny swimming pool plus a water fall

Penni - May 24, 2023

I love to collect colorful planters and a variety of plants to display on my patio.

Cheryl Bomar - May 24, 2023

I collect wind chimes. I paint my back porch a cheerful color during the summer. We put up some lighting. We also plant flowers in colorful pots.

kim ach - May 24, 2023

I love using complementing flower colors, rugs, pillows and accessories.

Rajee Pandi - May 24, 2023

I love to create DIY Paver Patio

Irene - May 24, 2023

A nice planter with flowers

Candace P - May 24, 2023

I love the hanging lights idea!

Leslie - May 24, 2023

Everything is so beautiful

Cynthia L. Stern - May 24, 2023

I live in a condo, so, for me, it’s basically down to putting plants on the back deck and the entryway. The place came with “ceiling hooks” in the entryway area, and I’ve used them for hanging plants, lanterns, and chimes. I’ve also got some comfy chairs and lounges, plus a bookcase in front (great for sorting mail, stashing sunglasses, etc.).

SH - May 24, 2023

I’d love to have a rainbow wind chime!

Margaret Spence - May 24, 2023

I use planters for both privacy and to enjoy their beauty.

Sandra L McFadden - May 24, 2023

I find a focal piece and I build around that. Like a great planter or table and in some cases light!

Darlene Barney - May 24, 2023

I have a beautiful wrap around porch I would love to put your designs upon as long as plants from my solarium are incorporated

Rebecca Bishop - May 24, 2023

Invest in a nice outdoor rug. 🦋

Bev Sugden - May 23, 2023

planter with flowers, glider, throw pillows

Sierra Martin - May 23, 2023

I pressure wash and make sure it looks clean

Jennifer Essad - May 23, 2023

I have different size antique heavy cast iron candle lanterns around the patio with pillar candles for long life burning. Also plants that help keep mosquito’s away

Jennifer Essad - May 23, 2023

contest runs through May 31 and winner will be announced within 48 hours.

Lily Man - May 23, 2023

Add planters and decorative throw blankets

Ej bognear - May 23, 2023

I use solar lights to lighten the night and
Trees around area to shade the sun and bird feeders to enjoy the birds and a chair to relax and watch.

Erin Walsh - May 23, 2023

Make hypertufa pots and fill them with beautiful plants and flowers. Double points for starting the plants from seed.

Sharon Bennett - May 23, 2023

Hang funky fun signs on fences to brighten them up and have colorful umbrellas around for shade and interest

Barbara Tryon - May 23, 2023

I love using nature to decorate and I also love using bright colors.

tom sides - May 23, 2023

i have solar lights throughout my yard and a nice hammock to lay outdoors

Kelsey Vinson - May 23, 2023

Use things from nature to tie it all together!

Brittney Speir - May 23, 2023

Find a way to create some shade! We just put in some roll down shades on our patio and it has made being in the backyard so much more enjoyable!

Rachel Clarke - May 23, 2023

If you have plants like ferns & hostas in your yard , that of a friend, family member or neighbor that has an abundance that you can use, dig up some to put in medium to large pots to fill up spaces on the patio for cheap or even free decor.

jennie sides - May 23, 2023

i take cuttings from different succulents and plant them throughout my yard and it looks beautiful and doesnt cost a dime

Jessica Bognear - May 23, 2023

Solar lanterns and seasonal pillows!

Karen Bellomy - May 23, 2023


Jude - May 23, 2023

Lots of potted plants really create a natural, green, organic vibe. Inexpensive and easy.

Rebecca - May 23, 2023

I like to use citronella tiki torches and citronella candles to create a pretty ambiance and simultaneously to keep the bugs away!

Byron - May 23, 2023

Power wash the porch and plant several pots of caladium bulbs.

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